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1 What’s the Difference Between Defense and Defence? Defense and defence are two alternate spellings of the same word. When to use defense: Defense is the American spelling of a noun that means a resistance against attack or harm.

January edited October Post edited by usamo on October Replies to: Please grade essay on questioning authority. January Anyone care to give me some constructive criticism? I'm trying to improve my writing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. RileyJon replies threads - Senior Member. Adrenaline replies 7 threads Registered User Junior Member. This is a solid 12, even if you say half of what you did at the loss of some wisdom, it'll still be enough for a Best of luck. February I can't' even write that much in 25 mins.

Thanks for all the positive feedback. The essay took me so I kind of went a little overtime. I guess I'm just an extremely fast writer, which I heard is a huge advantage when it comes to SAT essays. July I think that the examples in your body paragraphs and your transitioning was great throughout the essay, I really loved your first 4 paragraphs.

What I thought was a little weak was the conclusion. I really did like the 1st sentence, it brought the whole essay together.

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However, the second sentence just sounded like a rehash of the same stuff you mentioned in your first sentence. I don't think that it was necessary to bring up the examples in your body paragraphs again in your conclusion. It may be more effective to just elaborate on the effects of some challenging of authority on society there instead. But other than that, this was a great essay! I definitely would give it a top score if I was a grader; I'm really impressed that you were able to write this well in such a short amount of time!

Conclusions are the hardest part of writing an essay, anyways, in my opinion I always take awhile doing an outline on my essays, and don't use enough time to actually write what I need to say. Cranking out an essay like this takes a lot of effort.

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  5. Easy Great job. Aceventura74 replies 24 threads Registered User Junior Member. Solid 11, if not a weak You cited some fantastic examples. I'm assuming when you wrote this on the actually test paper you filled up all the space dedicated to the essay portion. You seem to have control over your examples and you did a great job linking them with one another "Just like Socrates, the main character in Fahrenheit by Ray Bradbury".

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    I say weak 12 because your essay is missing one minor, but very important thing; vocabulary. It is functional in a spectrum from a small group of individuals to a whole population of a society. Some aspect of authority is a requirement of all communal living, and it is only the individual dwelling in isolation that is not forced to respond, with defiance or obedience, to the commands of hierarchy. In a general view, authority couples with obedience and both of them seem to be two components of one package This therefore infers that power has been given to someone to perform a particular role or duty.

    Thus a manager alone cannot carry out all the tasks assigned to him. In order to meet the goals, the manager should delegate authority.. Delegation of authority can be defined as subdivision of powers to the subordinates in order to achieve effective results Better Essays words 2 pages Preview. The boss gets his or her authority from the position. It is the spot in the hierarchy of the workplace providing authority.

    In essence, a boss is an authority figure because of a title Better Essays words 5. Even today in contemporary terms the youth are commonly dealing in resistance to authority — breaking laws along with disobeying parents. All throughout the world, and everyday life, people persistently believe in freedom, equality, as well as suffrage rights He writes about his personal experience taking opium in a two part serial. Caesar has been killed by the conspiracy because they thought he was too powerful to be kept alive.

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    His most loyal friend Antony makes a speech in order to persuade the Romans the murder the conspiracy committed was wrong. Authority is and always has been present in human civilization in all aspects of life and in different forms. Authority can be classified into three categories: family or parental authority, organizational and bureaucratic authorities, and political authority Through this obedience, many great things have been accomplished, as well as many instances of cruel and immoral acts. Defiance of the established authority, though, has also lead to great things, such as the creation and founding of the United States of America.

    In his writing, Obedience to Authority, Stanley Milgram examines the obedience to authority without questioning or taking responsibility and the problems that lie in it Also society thinks that he must be so unsensitive and show his power to prove that he can be a great leader. However,have you ever asked what the great leader is and why the concept of power and leading are generally regarded as being above the others by showing your power agent of strong rhetoric based on authority and violence. This is an idealized type of leadership for general people and they think leaders should speak decisively and this exactness must be linked to authority and the desire for controlling the people.

    I claim the opposite In the Army today, Soldiers constantly discuss values and leadership, unfortunately not everyone takes them seriously.

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    The abuse of authority and command influence sometimes displayed by leaders puts subordinates into ethical dilemmas. Often, command influence will challenge the Loyalty, Duty, Respect, and Honor values that a leader attempts to live by My Lai became one of the most controversial situations of the long Viet Nam War.

    When the truth came out due to letters to the government describing the horror, two questions resulted. Understanding why some of the young American soldiers that day killed so many innocent civilians and why did so few in the unit try to save the lives of as many as they could require moral clarity This does not mean that reasoning is a totally new form of physical activity, to which the others subordinate.

    It means that in the process of reasoning the full implication and significance of these other conscious processes come clearly to light, while in it, they reach their completed evolution. Moreover, it does not mean that reasoning is a form of process which appears only after the other processes which we have studied, have been developed Angell, J. The problem of authority is a paradox, that there can be no authority without determination and no determination without authority. Meaning that there cannot be an authority without a determination a prior decision or ruling and a prior decision or a determination cannot be made without an ultimate authority Our objectives included understanding the continuing debate of the doctrine of inerrancy and N.

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    John A. Broadus points out several interesting points on how Christians today have contradicted what the Bible says on many different occasions to make it say what we really want it to. He begins to tell those who say it only contains His words that we must understand that even though we may not always interpret what the Bible has to say the right way, we must realize that the words of the Bible are still the truth that comes The Duke motive in appointing Angelo to function in his stead is, as he tells Friar Thomas, to rid the country of the evils which have taken strong roots and which, he thinks, he himself cannot eradicate because of his reputation as a very lenient man Research Papers words 7.

    God gave his word to the world. From Scripture, his word, comes revelation and understanding of not only who he is, but also who we are in him. Living without the knowledge and wisdom of Scripture would only lead to an unscrupulous and impure life. God gave his word to the world for a reason, and that gift should not be taken lightly.

    Through it he reveals the desire he has for the lives of his people. These would be considered as a miracle. In Matthew chapters eight and nine, these miracle were not just placed here for any reason, I believe Matthew is telling us something and the question is what is he trying to tell us now even in the 21st century Taken place at the Institute of Technology in South Australia and University of Adelaide, students were given questionnaires measuring their feelings and altitudes toward teachers, police, law, army, symbolic authority; and to test their conforming to authority.

    Paul J. Achtemeier, in his book Inspiration and Authority, seeks to define what he believes to be what Christians call inspiration as it relates to the Bible and the authority that it commands in the Christian faith. Achtemeier dives into these topics, exploring what he believes to be the nature and role of Scripture by combining critical study and research with traditional belief, and attempts to define inspiration and authority in a truthful and objective manner We learned that King Asoka fell through many different ideas to make him into a great ruler and obtain the social and economic status in his life, following dharma In Hobbes, authority hinges on the Leviathan, with Locke, authority rests on the people and with Rousseau, an extreme version of Locke.

    Yet in each case, there appears to be a focus on one individual or one group of people. What institutions can enforce that the group who possesses legitimate power do not overstep their authority. Charles de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu advocates for a solution that results in a system of government that has the sovereign not abuse his or their power Like any other organisation the ERHA is faced with its own internal problems.

    The Human Resources Department is divided into four units: 1. Industrial Relations Department IR 4. Better Essays words 3 pages Preview. The concepts that will be looked at within this essay are: power, authority and also accountability. Power in politics is a person who has the ability to influence a person in terms of their behaviour; however they possess no right to - unlike authority Second the Liberal movement was all about cultural relevance and used only as a record of history. Each holds a valid argument Neo-Orthodox however is a good blend of both cultural relevance and scriptural foundation.

    His fears are self-fulfilling in that he passionately acts against those he believes have belittled him, and is viewed as dishonorable as a result. In prioritizing his desire for Desdemona, authority, and respect above his morals, Othello ensures the loss of all he seeks What day is today. I think it over and realize it is the dreaded Monday. Wishing it was still Sunday, I slowly get up and, like a snail, complete my morning routine.

    On my way to Hunter, everything is the usual—waiting for the suddenly delayed train, rushing through the massive horde of people trying to transfer trains, and finally arriving at school along with hundreds of others. In the military, there is a chain of command, a rank, and file. It is an example of positional authority as each level of authority is assigned by rank, each level has people under their charge. They have been assigned the responsibility to lead them as orders are passed down from the top brass to the squad leader Naturally, there are inferior people, they are either born this way economically, socially, and physically.

    These people do not necessarily have the adequate resources to rule because they are too busy tending to meet their needs for survival For the ancient Greeks civil religion was a control of religion through the use of imperialistic practices to afford better spiritual health of the state by subjecting its people to orthopraxy specified by the religious authority. The practice of civic religion in ancient Greece comes in many forms that range from law imposing a consequence to transgression, electing priesthoods to the most common of citizens and even religion personal to each household Better Essays words 4.

    By focusing on her, the Taliban demonstrated how perilous one young lady can be to strengths endeavoring to reduce sexual orientation equality when all is said in done and equivalent access education specifically. Her story additionally indicates the requirement for devoted association by guys and grown-ups. Comics approved by the Comics Code Authority had a seal of approval much like the parental advisory seal on CDs that are not suitable for children.

    Unlike the parental advisory seal, the Comics Code Authority regulated whether or not a comic book was appropriate for children or people of a certain age. When buying a comic, a parent could easily distinguish if a comic was appropriate for his or her child Nyberg With the vast amount of power should come with a great amount of responsibility, but recently and a past time individual abuse the power they are given for the worst instead of the worst. The government, security offices, and other individual with vast amounts of money use their authority to abuse the other that lacks the ability to protect them self Most people have been saying that the police are to blame for the problems.

    However, in this article, William Grigg shows how the true problem lies in the lack of respect for authority. As a result, everyone has turned against the police and only the image the public wants see has been shown on the news. Grigg wrote this article for parents because he believes the root problem with the police brutality is children not being raised to respect authority To achieve this, she mainly focuses on the double-bind idea and on the way gender cultural expectations are reinforced in the workplace to align with hegemonic masculinity.

    Women with higher levels of job authority suffer and express more depressive symptoms as compared to women without job authority and to men At the hospital recently, a scenario like this occurred in the emergency room. After performing an exam, the doctor felt the patient was stable enough to go home, although the nurse disagreed and felt the patient needed additional monitoring.