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1 What’s the Difference Between Defense and Defence? Defense and defence are two alternate spellings of the same word. When to use defense: Defense is the American spelling of a noun that means a resistance against attack or harm.

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It was Walpole who later helped publish Gray's poetry. When Gray sent his most famous poem, "Elegy," to Walpole, Walpole sent off the poem as a manuscript and it appeared in different magazines.

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Gray then published the poem himself and received the credit he was due. Gray began seriously writing poems in , mainly after the death of his close friend Richard West, which inspired "Sonnet on the Death of Richard West". He moved to Cambridge and began a self-directed programme of literary study, becoming one of the most learned men of his time. Gray moved to Pembroke after the students at Peterhouse played a prank on him.

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Gray spent most of his life as a scholar in Cambridge, and only later in his life did he begin traveling again. Although he was one of the least productive poets his collected works published during his lifetime amount to fewer than 1, lines , he is regarded as the foremost English-language poet of the midth century. In , he was offered the post of Poet Laureate , which he refused.

Gray was so self-critical and fearful of failure that he published only thirteen poems during his lifetime. He once wrote that he feared his collected works would be "mistaken for the works of a flea. Gray perhaps knew these men, sharing ideas about death, mortality, and the finality and sublimity of death. In the event, Gray lost out to Lawrence Brockett , but he secured the position in after Brockett's death.

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  • It is believed that Gray began writing his masterpiece, the Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard , in the graveyard of St. Giles parish church in Stoke Poges , Buckinghamshire , in After several years of leaving it unfinished, he completed it in [11] see Elegy for the form. The poem was a literary sensation when published by Robert Dodsley in February see in poetry. Its reflective, calm, and stoic tone was greatly admired, and it was pirated, imitated, quoted, and translated into Latin and Greek. It is still one of the most popular and frequently quoted poems in the English language.


    The Elegy was recognised immediately for its beauty and skill. It contains many phrases which have entered the common English lexicon, either on their own or as quoted in other works. These include:. These themes foreshadowed the upcoming Gothic movement. It is suggested that perhaps Gray found inspiration for his poem by visiting the gravesite of his aunt, Mary Antrobus.

    The aunt was buried at the graveyard by the St. Giles' churchyard, which he and his mother would visit.

    "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard" by Thomas Gray (read by Tom O'Bedlam)

    This is the same gravesite where Gray himself was later buried. After setting the scene with the couplet "What female heart can gold despise? What cat's averse to fish? Walpole later displayed the fatal china vase the tub on a pedestal at his house in Strawberry Hill. Gray's surviving letters also show his sharp observation and playful sense of humour.

    He is well known for his phrase, "where ignorance is bliss , 'tis folly to be wise. It has been asserted that the Ode also abounds with images which find "a mirror in every mind". The Church-yard abounds with images which find a mirror in every mind, and with sentiments to which every bosom returns an echo". He spoke in the language of "public" and "private" and according to Johnson, he should have spoken more in his private language as he did in his "Elegy" poem. Pindaric odes are to be written with fire and passion, unlike the calmer and more reflective Horatian odes such as Ode on a distant Prospect of Eton College.

    The Bard tells of a wild Welsh poet cursing the Norman king Edward I after his conquest of Wales and prophesying in detail the downfall of the House of Plantagenet. It is melodramatic, and ends with the bard hurling himself to his death from the top of a mountain. When his duties allowed, Gray travelled widely throughout Britain to places such as Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Scotland and most notably the Lake District see his Journal of a Visit to the Lake District in in search of picturesque landscapes and ancient monuments.

    These elements were not generally valued in the early 18th century, when the popular taste ran to classical styles in architecture and literature, and most people liked their scenery tame and well-tended. Some [ who?

    Gray's connection to the Romantic poets is vexed. In the prefaces to the and editions of Wordsworth's and Samuel Taylor Coleridge 's Lyrical Ballads , Wordsworth singled out Gray's "Sonnet on the Death of Richard West" to exemplify what he found most objectionable in poetry, declaring it was. Gray wrote in a letter to West, that "the language of the age is never the language of poetry.

    Gray died on 30 July in Cambridge, and was buried beside his mother in the churchyard of St. Giles' church in Stoke Poges , the setting for his famous Elegy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Climate change and drastic effects go hand in hand when it comes to evaluating aspects of the Anthropocene. Literary forms such as tragedy, comedy, and elegy play an influential role in the discussion of these subjects, shaping the way they are interpreted and comprehended.

    Furthermore, this work manifests different emerging trends of. She had many different roles in peoples lives such as girlfriend, wife, mother, friend, coach and many more. However, she met a man whom she falls in love with.

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    Thomas Warton

    As a result of love she gives her all to him. She went above and beyond for this man giving up much of herself to make sure he was happy. After spending. Furthermore, though both of these aforementioned poems are about love elegies and transitory happiness, at the end of the day, both speakers share a feeling of perpetual sadness and loneliness.

    In this regard, it can be said that Donne sheds a negative light on love, where he is adamant that it cannot yield true happiness,. Essay on Elegy for Himself Words 4 Pages. Elegy for Himself Tichborne was not even thirty when he was executed and his bitterness at his life ending almost before it is begun can be seen. He wrote this poem just three days before he was to meet with death.

    Thomas Gray : Contemporary Essays

    The tone of Tichborne's poem is one of regret and sorrow that his life is being ended before it's time and that what is left of his life will be very unpleasant. In Elegy For Himself we can tell that its verses are sextains - six lined verses with a rhyming scheme ababcc. What is both interesting and unusual in Tichborne's structure is the strength of the caesura in every line - the pause in …show more content….

    Then comes the sense of finality 'and now my life is done. Tichborne includes a number of other images that represents his short life, such as 'my thread is cut'. Another image Tichborne uses the contrast of his 'crop of corn' to the 'field of tares'. This line contain these contrasting images to add emphasis. This line squeezes a lot of meaning into a very short space. This 'feast' is an obvious contrast to the far smaller-sounding 'dish of pain'.

    It may be that this has added meaning, as what I feel that the poet is trying to communicate is that though his life was short, and though he hadn't done all that he had hoped to, the huge 'joy' he gained from religion more than compensated for the pain of his execution.

    Tichborne also utilizes a rhyming couplet at the end of each verse stanza to emphasize these lines "My crop of corn is but a field of tares. Tares are a practically worthless animal feed, they are weeds. This line is quite simply saying that he is finished, and that his life is now pointless. Show More.