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1 What’s the Difference Between Defense and Defence? Defense and defence are two alternate spellings of the same word. When to use defense: Defense is the American spelling of a noun that means a resistance against attack or harm.

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The way director Steven Spielberg brought this scene to life by expressing the feelings of the nervous but prepared American soldiers prior to battle spoke volumes. Nobody says a word during this scene. Suddenly, a huge explosion erupts as soon as American troops open their ship gates. German troops are firing bullets rapidly not giving a chance to the Americans to react quickly; however, the Americans do regain position to fight back.

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The scene is powerful because the start of the actual battle hits you out of nowhere and takes you through the battle of D-day immediately, filled with non-stop action. The D-day scene was precisely accurate when it came to the horrors of the actual battle.

Even though the movie was accurate in many cases, it still had some inaccuracies from time to time. Unfortunately, his mother received all three death notifications at once. They had no choice but to retrieve him especially because he was the youngest of his four brothers [5]. In the movie, the whole story line is to find Private Ryan and return him home.

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The soldiers go through multiple battles and hardships to accomplish this goal. As you watch the movie, you become attached to the storyline to find Ryan. You feel as if your one of the soldiers going through obstacles to find one of your brothers. It feels like you are a part of an emotional roller-coaster type of journey which attaches you to the story even more; however, history tells us otherwise.

There is no record of a rescue mission in search of Fritz Niland, but he was sent home to the United States from the combat zone [6].

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This is ironic as America joined the war late on and France surrendered some time in five years before the end of the war when they were invaded by Germany. This gives the audience the impression that they are looking at things through his eyes. The first shot of the beach is a low angled shot of the Hedgehogs which were used to stop boats entering the beach, this is followed by a long shot of boats approaching the beach. We then enter the boat and are shown the hands of soldiers shaking to show that the ordeal was obviously scary.

Also close ups of soldiers faces with terrified looks on them were used this was firstly to show how they felt but at the same time it was showing the audience who the main characters are. The following scene the instant chaos on the beach. A point of view shot of German turrets is used to show what the soldiers were heading towards. The audience the sees a view of from behind the soldiers on the boat using a medium close up, this makes you feel nervous and scared for the people involved.

It is at this point that the audience really interacts with the action when the doors of the boat open and all soldiers are mowed down by machine gun fire. With the camera behind the soldiers it feels like you are being shot at and you can feel yourself dodging the bullets.

The audience then sees the introduction of the handheld camera when a underwater shot is used when all soldiers jump in the sea. They see people drowning and getting shot while they are in the water and the bright red of the blood stands out in the water. We can hear water splashing when we are above water but as soon as we go under the sound is muted and bullets flying into the water is the only sound.

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  • All this makes us feel we are the camera and the camera is in fact a person. This scene gave the impression that survival was impossible. The third scene in the first twenty-five minutes focuses the audiences attention on one character, Captain Miller and his confusion.

    In this scene we are plunged into the horrors of D-day with him and sense the carnage that he senses. The audience begins by seeing a close up of Captain Millers face and the sound is muted and everything is slowed down. Gradually the sound of slowed explosions is heard and is accompanied by a over the shoulder shot from Captain Millers perspective.

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