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1 What’s the Difference Between Defense and Defence? Defense and defence are two alternate spellings of the same word. When to use defense: Defense is the American spelling of a noun that means a resistance against attack or harm.

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The Chairman of the Council of Deans may choose not to act as Chairman on this occasion, in which case the Dean shall nominate a replacement Chairman for the ceremony in good time. The ceremony shall be conducted in Dutch or English. In exceptional cases, the Chairman of the Council of Deans may approve the use of another language.

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The candidate shall defend the thesis before a Doctoral Examination Board. The members of the Doctoral Examination Board shall be Professors, Emeritus Professors, or experts who hold a doctorate.

Any Professor may ask the Dean of the faculty concerned, to be appointed to the Doctoral Examination Board. The members of the Doctoral Examination Board shall be appointed by the Council of Deans, and shall include:. The Secretary of the Council of Deans shall inform the members of the Doctoral Examination Board of their appointment, and shall inform the candidate. The five or more Board members mentioned in 4 c , in particular, are expected to pose examination questions. Professors, Emeritus Professors, former Professors, as defined in Article 39 of the Structuurregeling, and experts with a doctorate who are not members of the Doctoral Examination Board, but who would like to pose an examination question, should express this wish to the Dean concerned no later than two weeks before the defence of the doctoral thesis.

The Dean can then inform the supervisor. In second grade we had a British student teacher who gave the spelling test. I tried to spell things like she said them and flunked mightily. Canadian here, British West Indies background. I use defense as a verb and defence as a noun. Also, please be kind er to each other in the comments. At some point, I felt as if one spelling was right. It just so happened that I decided to google the difference out of genuine curiousity.

Americans cannot comprehend complicated spellings, in fact they cannot comprehend pretty much complicated anything. So to avoid confuzion note new spelling between American English and British English, American English will henceforth be renamed to Englizh while English will refer to what is spoken and spelt in scattered landmasses elsewhere.

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